Project 1 - Point and click

8 weeks halftime

This was the first project we got to work on in The Game Assembly and it is a point and click game about a space station that is damaged beyond repair under mysterious circumcises and you the player need to escape the station as fast as possible as well as uncover what happened.

Main contributions:

  • Whole rendering pipeline
  • Kitbash set 
  • Tileable texture set
  • Background/ menu animations
  • Trailer
  • Rendering of some of the rooms

Assets I made: 

9 different wall panels, a pipe set, space doors, destroyed space door, the earth, dining chairs, living room couch, log console, padded pipe set, various papers, different railings, spacesuit stand, spacesuit, toolbox, vents, beeswax, blowtorch, cooking oil, glasses, screwdriver, crowbar, fuse, all the graphic for the spacesuit puzzle, the space station in the menu and some small things more.